Landlord Insurance

What is Landlord Insurance?

Also known as Rental Property Insurance and Rental Dwelling Insurance, this insurance protects landlords and their property against damage and liability claims.

Who needs Landlord Insurance?

Different from a regular home insurance, landlord insurance is beneficial if:

– you are an investor with multiple properties

– you own a secondary home and you regularly rent it out

What does Landlord Insurance typically cover?

Most Landlord Insurance policies cover three basic components:

  • Property Coverage protects your rental property and other structures on the property, like the fences and a garage.
  • Liability Coverage covers the medical and defense costs of injuries on your rental property.
  • Loss of Rental Income covers the loss of rental income during the repair period in the events the property is damaged and cannot be rented out.


Some online pricing may not accurately show the appropriate coverage that you need. Give us a call, and we are happy to help you find the right coverage.

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