General Liability Insurance

What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance is the most common and essential type of business insurance. It protects your business against property damage claims, bodily injury claims, and/or reputational harm and advertising injury claims from outside parties.

What does Commercial General Liability Insurance typically cover?

Working with more than 20 highly rated insurance providers, we at Crennen & Company offer a wide range of General Liability coverage to meet the unique needs in your industry.

Coverage typically includes

  • Property Damage or Bodily Injury caused by your products / services, business operations, or your employees
  • Medical Expenses if someone other than your employee is injured on business premises (Workers’ Compensation covers employee injury during work)
  • Reputational Injury like false claims, slander, libel
  • Advertising Injury including copyright infringement, false advertising
  • Defense Costs from lawsuits, investigation and settlements
  • And more…

Who needs General Liability Insurance?

More and more businesses are being sued for things like negligence, slander, property damage, bodily injury, and copyright infringement among other things, even when they did nothing wrong. General Liability is there to help protect your business assets in case of the unexpected.

Crennen & Company recommends that all businesses have general liability coverage in place.

How much General Liability Insurance do I need?

Many factors come in to determine the level of coverage you need. Essentially, it depends on the type of business you are in and the level of perceived risks associated with it. For example, a construction contractor will likely need more coverage than a website designer.


Talk to a licensed insurance agent on this before you buy a policy. We at Crennen & Company are happy to help you tailor your business insurance.

General Liability for Specific Industries

Construction / Contractors

Construction work encompasses some of the most diverse occupations, and with this diversity comes a number of risks, such as Injury Claims, Damage Claims, Product Claims and Copyright Claims.

If you are a construction professional, you will want an adequate General Liability Insurance to protect your business against the increasing risks of potential lawsuits over accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

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Restaurant & Food Services

As a restaurant owner, you may be required to carry several different types of insurance coverage, as restaurants have potentially unique and serious liability issues due to premises and operations exposures, such as fire risk, slip and fall, food allergies, food/drink related illness, etc.

Assessing your restaurant exposure and getting an appropriate insurance coverage is as essential to a successful restaurant business, as getting a good chef.

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Commercial Building / Commercial Property

General Liability Insurance is a solid foundation for commercial property businesses, as it protects your business from the most common third-party claims you may face, such as Bodily Injury Claims, Property Loss/Damage Claims, Advertising Injury Claims.

With General Liability, you have the peace of mind that no matter what unexpected accidents happen on your premises, your business will have the finances to weather an otherwise costly claim.

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Retail Business

Running a retail business comes with unique risks, especially for small retailers. From inventory theft, to customer injuries onsite, to equipment breakdown, you need a coverage to protect your business from the unexpected.

When looking for a policy to protect your retail business, be sure to ask our agent about creating a custom insurance policy to meet all your needs.

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