Commercial Property Insurance

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance provides a wide range of coverage for the building your business owns or leases, the inventory, tools and equipment, furniture and fixtures, etc. Additionally, assets including accounts receivable, valuable records, media, and/or computers, and even lost income, can also be covered by this type of insurance.

What does Commercial Property Insurance typically cover?

Normally, the Commercial Property Insurance covers most property on or near the business premises that is used in the business operation, from the majority of risks like theft, fire, wind, vandalism, etc.

Coverage can include

  • Buildings – the physical location (ownership) or the contents of the space (rental) is covered
  • Personal Business Property including business equipment, inventory, furniture, computers, etc.
  • Business Income like accounts receivable and lost income
  • Digital Records to cover loss from power surges, virus attacks, data breaches, etc.
  • And more…

How are Commercial Property Insurance rates calculated?

The cost of Commercial Property Insurance depends on the value of a building and its contents. Typically, businesses that have lots of assets and high exposure to risk have higher insurance rates. Below are a few major factors that can affect your Commercial Property Insurance rate:

  • Building Construction and Materials
  • Industry Special Equipment
  • Location
  • Risk Exposure


Talk to a licensed insurance agent on this before you buy a policy. We at Crennen & Company are happy to help you tailor your business insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance for Specific Industries

Construction / Contractors

As a contractor or construction company owner, nothing is more important than making sure protection is in place to safeguard your construction site or contracting space, supplies, materials, equipment, inventory, and other business assets from the unexpected events.

You would not come to a jobsite without a hard hat or other PPE to protect yourself. Similarly, you need Commercial Property Insurance to safeguard your business from the most common risks of your business.

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Restaurant & Food Services

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a baker, or a caterer, you rely on your equipment, suppliers, staff, and vendors to create memorable and delicious food to your customers. Commercial Property Insurance protects your business space, equipment, inventory, and other business assets in the case of natural disasters and unexpected events.

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Commercial Building / Commercial Property

For any commercial landlord or commercial property manager, a building is more than just an asset, it is your business. Commercial Property Insurance help safeguard your business when theft, fires, wind, or vandalism damage your building and its contents.

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Retail Business

No matter what you sell, your retail business relies on its storefront and inventory to serve the customers. For retail storeowners, Commercial Property Insurance provides the financial protection for your retail business assets, including building space, inventory, equipment, supplies and more, in case something goes wrong.

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