Commercial auto insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance, A.K.A. Business Auto Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Commercial Truck Insurance protects your business against financial loss resulting from an auto accident involving a company vehicle.

Who needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Auto liability can be very expensive. Crennen & Company recommends clients to get Commercial Auto Insurance if your business:

  • Owns, leases, or rents cars, trucks, and/or other vehicles
  • Subcontract delivery drivers
  • Have employees use their personal vehicle to conduct business
  • Have employees use taxi or rental cars for business trips

What does Commercial Auto Insurance typically cover?

Most Commercial Auto Insurance policies cover three basic components:

  • Physical Damage, including collision coverage and comprehensive coverage
    • Collision Coverage covers damages caused in an auto accident) and comprehensive coverage
    • Comprehensive Coverage covers damages caused in an event other than an accident, like broken window from theft
  • Liability covers bodily injuries and property damage to a third party when you or an employee is found at fault.
  • Other Coverages could include coverage for towing, auto loan, rental reimbursement, etc.

How much does Commercial Auto Insurance cost?

The cost of Commercial Auto Insurance depends on the type and value of the vehicle your company owns and the risks involved, such as the driving records/history of all drivers, driving location and distance, and more.


Some online pricing may not accurately show the appropriate coverage that you need. Give us a call, and we are happy to help you tailor your Commercial Auto Insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Specific Industries

Construction / Contractors

Commercial Auto Insurance is an essential part of the business for a contractor or construction professional, as you may need to regularly commute to the worksite.

Regardless of the vehicle you use and the frequency of your business travel, this type of insurance helps your business cover the potentially high financial costs of vehicle repair, medical expenses, and more.

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Restaurant & Food Services

Whether you offer food delivery service or not, as a restaurant owner, you may have employees drive their personal vehicles or rental cars to run business errands.

In the food service industry, Commercial Auto (or Hired and Non-Owned Auto) Insurance is both an essential protection for employees traveling on behalf of the company in their personal vehicles or rented cars.

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Commercial Building / Commercial Property

For a commercial property owner, the need for the Commercial Auto Insurance is not always clear. But it’s important for you to consider the benefits of an Auto Insurance policy, as you may find a coverage gap you did not know existed.

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Retail Business

Whether you have a company vehicle or rely on employees to drive their personal cars to conduct business, the Commercial Auto (or Hired and Non-Owned Auto) Insurance protects your retail business on the road.

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